How Cats Movie On Track to Lose $71 Million

Tom Hooper’s movie musical Cats is on track to lose $71 million at the box office. Based on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s long-running Broadway musical of the same name, Cats struggled to find its footing after its first trailer dropped back in July, confusing viewers with its uncomfortably realistic “digital fur technology”. Despite an all-star cast that includes Taylor Swift, Idris Elba, Jennifer Hudson, Ian McKellen, Jason Derulo, and Judi Dench, the film bombed at the box office with a $6.5 million opening weekend.

The low opening weekend didn’t come as a huge surprise, considering the film was slammed by critics right out the gate. Since then, the film has struggled to stay afloat at the box office amongst its Holiday season competitors. Critic reviews aside, Universal also struggled with the film’s opening, as an updated version of Hooper’s film was sent out late with improved CGI effects following the film’s release. Not only that, but Universal also recently pulled the film from its list of potential award contenders.

According to Deadline, Cats is tracking to lose $71 million at the global box office, that is if the film “reaches a global box office result of $100M,” with “$40M stateside and $60M abroad.” This projection is based on a $90 million budget and $115 million towards advertising. Currently, Cats sits at $17 million in the U.S. and $38 million globally. Unfortunately, it’s tracking among general audiences with “a low 30%”.

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